C4 Building resilience at the local level

20 Jun 2018
16:00 – 17:30

C4 Building resilience at the local level

The onset of climate change as inevitable is gaining acceptance widely, and it is continuously being recognized that mitigation efforts while necessary are not sufficient, hence there is increasing need for global, but most importantly local adaptation and resilience action. While research on climate adaptation may be advancing, new knowledge rarely travels directly from science to practice. Equally, building local resilience does not require only knowledge from science, but respect for other types of knowledge, including historical knowledge embedded in communities and concrete recognition of existing social dynamics that can be a valuable asset in a co-creation approach for resilience building activities.
This session will focus on sharing experiences of knowledge exchange among experts and implementers who are active in the field of adaptation and resilience in Europe, Africa, Asia and North and Latin America. Speakers will share insights with the aim to identify the most applicable and easily adoptable approaches to knowledge sharing.

Vasileios Latinos
Officer, Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience, ICLEI Europe, Freiburg, Germany


Building a strategy for the prosperity, resilience and sustainability of Mérida
Sayda Rodríguez
Director, Sustainable Development Unit, Mérida Municipality, Yucatán, México

The learning process of building resilience in Reykjavik City
Hrönn Hrafnsdóttir
Policy and Analysis Expert, Department of Environment and Climate, City of Reykjavik, Iceland

The Climate Technology Centre and Network CTCN: Building national capacity for resilient city planning
Jaime Webbe
Adaptation Manager, Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN)

Building regional and local collaboration: Strategic planning based on climate science
John Bolduc
Environmental Planner/Project Manager Climate Change Programs, City of Cambridge, MA, United States of America

Innovative lessons from 14 cities contributing to resilience throughout the Latin American Region
Marco Sakai
Lecturer, Environment Department, University of York, U.K.