For local and national media: Mélissa Archambault, at melissa[at] or +1 514 289-8688, extension 238 

For international media: Dana Vigran at dana.vigran[at]


Press releases


We are still accepting accreditation requests. Media representatives who will be accredited are writing staff/press agencies, photographers and TV/radio crews from one or several of the following groups:

  • News papers/magazines that are available to the public, published by an organization whose main activity is publishing;
  • Online publications that generate an important quantity of original news and that belong to a registered business, having a verifiable fixed address (non web) and a phone number;
  • Press relation services that provide news coverage for registered users, including news papers, periodicals and phone networks;
  • Radio and TV media that broadcast information for the public;
  • Independent journalists who can provide a recognized media or press card or a letter of employment issued by a media organization.

Technical teams that are not part of the staff of a particular show, members of a non-writing team who work for a media organization, managers, members of the marketing and publicity team, researchers and authors will not be granted accreditation.

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