Media accreditation

Media representatives who will be accredited are writing staff/press agencies, photographers and TV/radio crews from one or several of the following groups:

  • News papers/magazines that are available to the public, published by an organization whose main activity is publishing;
  • Online publications that generate an important quantity of original news and that belong to a registered business, having a verifiable fixed address (non web) and a phone number;
  • Press relation services that provide news coverage for registered users, including news papers, periodicals and phone networks;
  • Radio and TV media that broadcast information for the public;
  • Independent journalists who can provide a recognized media or press card or a letter of employment issued by a media organization.

Technical teams that are not part of the staff of a particular show, members of a non-writing team who work for a media organization, managers, members of the marketing and publicity team, researchers and authors will not be granted accreditation.

Please note that if several of your team members are present at the event, each member must fill out a separate form.

The number of accreditations is limited. Therefore, you will be notified at least two weeks before the event whether or not your application was approved. Please check the status of your application before planning your trip.  

Media accreditation form


For more information, please contact

  • for international media accreditations: ICLEI Global Communications Team at media[at]
  • for North-American media accreditations: Mélissa Archambault, at melissa[at] or +1 514 289-8688, extension 238 .