F6 Enabling factors for a community-based energy transition

22 Jun 2018
12:30 - 14:00

F6 Enabling factors for a community-based energy transition

This session will explore how people, communities and local governments can be the driving force of the renewable energy transition by fostering high citizen participation, multi-stakeholder collaboration and regional value creation from decentralized renewable energy production.

From this session, participants will gain a better understanding of how local governments can:

  • Support the creation of community-led energy cooperatives.
  • Allow citizens to participate as investors and planners into renewable energy infrastructure and projects.
  • Provide citizens with energy-efficiency advice and raise awareness on low-carbon lifestyles.
  • Foster city-region cooperation to take advantage of knowledge transfer and potential synergies.


Rana Adib
Executive Director, Ren21


Urban planning as a way to reducing energy use
Eckart Würzner
Mayor, City of Heidelberg

Accompanying an inclusive energy transition through public-private partnerships: Example from Rénov’Energie
Arnaud Gavroy
Vice-president & Councilor for urban planning, energy and land management, City of Namur

Blake Robinson
Researcher, Sustainability Institute

Energy Transition through Solar Energy: Solar City Seoul 2022
Bo-Youn Hwang
Assistant Mayor, Climate and Environmment Headquarter, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Towards Carbon-neutrality by 2029
Minna Arve
Mayor, City of Turku, Finland