P5 Transforming the way we live together

Reconciliation and cooperation toward our sustainable urban future
21 Jun 2018
9:15 - 10:00

P5 Transforming the way we live together

Sustainable development is development that benefits everyone and allows for equality. As part of recognizing the rights of Indigenous Peoples and in a context where we have growing Indigenous populations in cities, how are local governments responding to the challenges of reconciliation and the promotion of Indigenous people’s rights in Canada? How do local governments manage to find a balance between their legal responsibility/areas of intervention and the collective sense?

The conversation will bring cities to position themselves as a government entity on relations with indigenous communities, and participants to understand the importance of reconciliation issues on social cohesion.

Panel discussion:

Marie-Ève Lachapelle-Bordeleau
Commissioner of Indigenous Relations, Ville de Montréal, Canada-

Ghislain Picard
Chief, Assembly of First Nations of Québec and Labrador, Canada

Valérie Plante
Mayor, Ville de Montréal, Canada

Christina Clarke
Executive Director, Songhees Nation

Lisa Helps
Mayor, City of Victoria, Canada

Madeleine Redfern
Mayor, City of Iqaluit, Canada