P2 Visions for cities and regions in 2030

Ensuring systemic and inclusive action
19 Jun 2018
16:15 - 18:00

P2 Visions for cities and regions in 2030

The Opening Plenary’s keynote addresses will have depicted “the world we live in” and “the future we strive for”. Several intertwined pathways can lead us to achieve genuine urban sustainability and their success lies within the ability of different actors to come together to leverage inclusive and rapid change.

To this end, this plenary will facilitate a multi-perspective dialogue, where participants will be encouraged to integrate different points of view to a sustainability action plan.

Participants will be seated at round-tables so that each table has representatives of different sectors and organization types, such as local and subnational government, science and research, industry and the private sector, community organizations, national government, and other international organizations.

Participants of each table will engage in two rounds of 20-minute group discussions on the “Visions for cities and regions in 2030 to create a sustainable urban world”. The first round will focus on ensuring the inclusion and engagement of all citizens in sustainability planning and action. The second round will focus on the role of the private sector and innovative business models to leverage inclusive sustainable change.

Discussions of each round will be kicked-off by two 5-minute interventions by representatives of groups actively engaged in urban sustainability. For each round, roundtable participants will be asked to develop a success story that either avoids barriers or deploys opportunities for sustainable development in the next 12 years.

Members of the ICLEI Global Executive Committee, ICLEI Council or other political leaders of ICLEI members will be invited to act as the chair and rapporteur of each roundtable. Directors of ICLEI Regional Secretariats or Country Offices, ICLEI Senior Managers and representatives of selected partners will help facilitate the group discussions at each roundtable and prepare the summary of discussions for the rapporteur.

After group discussions of each round, rapporteurs of roundtables will be invited to share their findings by a 2-minutes summary. During this session, summaries of maximum 5 roundtables will be presented after each round of discussions. The summaries of remaining roundtables will be presented during the ICLEI Dinner after the session.

Philippe Desrosiers

First round: An Inclusive, Sustainable Urban World

Célestine Ketcha épouse Courtès
Mayor, Bangangté Municipal Council, Cameroon
President, Network for Locally Elected Women of Africa (REFELA)
UCLG Champion on Development Cooperation

Second round: Innovative Partnerships for a sustainable Urban World

Roland Hunziker
Director, Sustainable Buildings and Cities, World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Final remarks: A youth perspective

Jérôme Lin
Winner of «Rêver le Montréal durable de demain»