F2 Cities for people : Urban space redesigned for inclusive and livable cities

22 Jun 2018
12:30 - 14:00

F2 Cities for people : Urban space redesigned for inclusive and livable cities

The world is urbanizing at a fast growing pace, and in many places around the world, this results in congestion and urban stress. Cities are being stretched to their limits and if this tendency is not being reverted we risk to have cities that would be ill-fitted for the future generations. The global movement of placemaking is gaining a momentum, and cities from around the world gather to share lessons and best practices to overcome the challenges faced by fast-growing cities. What is the state of public space and placemaking in such a context, how may placemaking be integrated into formal urban planning policies, and what is the role of various public, private and civic stakeholders in this process?

Indeed, now more than ever it is crucial to gather and discuss how to make our cities more liveable. This implies that future urban projects have to ensure that public spaces are accessible and functional for the people if they are to effectively contribute to improving the quality of life of the dwellers.

In this regard, during this session, we will aim to promote human-scale cities where the cities are made for the people and by the people. This will include promoting local markets and consumption, regaining the streets, and promoting participatory approaches to planning.  We will highlight opportunities to enhance well-being and happiness in cities through changes in approaches to urban sustainability. Developers, policy makers, local governments, and others involved in sustainable urban development decision-making process will be able to use the strategies to create places that contribute to healthier and happier communities.

Riccardo Marini
Gehl Architects and Riccardo Marini Planning, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Redefining public space
Kim Lecerf
Mayor, City of Darebin, Australia

In Mannheim people shape the future 
Felicitas Kubala
Deputy mayor, City of Mannheim, Germany

Planning for Resilient and Inclusive Cities – A South African perspective
Xolile George
Chief executive officer, the South African Local Governments Association (SALGA), Pretoria, South Africa

Urban space redesigned for inclusive and livable cities – Kaohsiung Experience
Jeff Chen Chin-Fu
Director-General Transportation Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Planning with Communities: Lessons from Singapore
Dr Limin Hee

Director, Center for Liveable Cities, Singapore, Singapore

Le Technopôle Angus : un écoquartier mixte
Christian Yaccarini
Président CEO Angus, Ville de Montreal, Montreal, Canada

The case of Medellin
Sergio Orozco
Secretary of Environment, Medellin, Colombia