E6 Reinventing mobility through technology and innovation

22 Jun 2018
10:30 - 12:00

E6 Reinventing mobility through technology and innovation

This session is aimed for city governments to experiment with creative ecomobile solutions to create more livable cities. It will highlight how traveling through integrated, socially inclusive and healthy transport options can improve the quality of life of city dwellers. This session will gather local and international transport experts along with local government officials to discuss how sustainable mobility can be made more livable by giving back the streets to pedestrians, more diverse in terms of transport options to citizen and smart by using technology and innovation to integrate and facilitate peoples access to ecomobility.

Participants from all over the world will share their experience and commitment to implementing ecomobility in their respective cities allowing high level discussions.

Jeet Mistry
Expert, One Planet Cities, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)


Managing and molding the coming transportation revolution…before it’s too late
Matthew Applebaum
Former Councillor, City of Boulder, USA

Vancouver’s Mobility Future – Reimagining our Streets
Jerry Dobrovolny
General Manager of Engineering, City of Vancouver, Canada

The case of mobility in Budapest
Balazs Szeneczey
Deputy Mayor, City of Budapest, Hungary

Transitioning towards an active, shared and automated future
Timothy Papandreou
Co-founder of City Innovate, San Francisco, USA

Creating mobility 2.0 innovation based on real citizen needs – An introduction to Jalonmtl’s approach
Jean Francois Tremblay,
President of Jalon, Montréal, Canada