D2 Circular economy

Springboard for sustainable communities
21 Jun 2018
11:15 - 12:30

D2 Circular economy

Cities and the levers put in place at the local level must play a role in accelerating the transition to a circular economy while consolidating social and solidarity development. This session will present exemplary projects of successful transformation originating from various sectors of intervention (electronic waste or construction, design / textile, food systems, and the sharing economy).


Miya Kitahara
Program Manager, StopWaste


Sonia Gagné
President-Director General, Recyc Québec, Canada

Alex Chapman
Manager, Climate Change Office, City of Guelph, Canada

Daniel Normandin
Directeur exécutif, Institut sur l’environnement, le développement durable et l’économie circulaire (EDDEC), Canada

Sylvie Rochette
Cofondatrice – Directrice Générale, Regroupement des Magasins-Partage, Canada

Jamie Harkins
Sustainability Coordinator, City of Boulder, United States