C6 EcoLogistics: The next level for sustainable urban mobility?

20 Jun 2018
16:00 - 17:30

C6 EcoLogistics: The next level for sustainable urban mobility?

The notion of sustainable urban mobility is incomplete without consideration for urban logistics. The traffic generated by the delivery goods to shops, factories, offices, hotels, etc. represents a large share of urban traffic volume. And with the increasing online shopping/ordering behavior of an individual the share of freight traffic is further increasing. Traffic congestion, Poor air quality, Noise pollution and intensity of road accidents are majot impacts caused by urban freight sector. While urban freight’s contribution to GHG emissions is growing, corresponding mitigation actions and capacities are low. This session will look into future trends and challenges – social, economic, technological, and institutional of urban freight sector, as well as provide examples from leading cities and industry on innovative ways to tackle such challenges (Decarbonizing urban freight transport sector). It will also introduce the current IKI funded project on EcoLogistics in Argentina, Colombia and India.


Monika Zimmermann
Deputy Secretary General, ICLEI World Secretariat


EcoLogistics: The next level for sustainable urban mobility?
Himanshu Raj
Officer, Ecomobility team, ICLEI World Secretariat

Utrecht Framework for Zero Emission City Logistics ( … and localising SDG 7, 11 and 13)
Hans Sakkers
Head of Department, City of Utrecht

A port city and last mile delivery challenge: A case study of Panaji
Ajit Roy
Municipal Commissioner, City of Panaji, India

Urban Logistics and city challenges: A case study of Rosario
Maria Cecilia Alvarez
Sub secretary of Environment, City of Rosario, Argentina

Decarbonizing the last mile delivery: A case study of Santa Fe
Pablo Tabares
Director of the Agency for Cooperation, Investment and Foreign Trade, City of Santa Fe, Argentina

Informal logistics supply chain: A case study of Valle de Aburra
Pablo Maturana
Sub director, Area Metropolitana Valle de Aburra, Colombia

Urban freight transport v/s sustainable urban planning in Bogota
Ricardo Jorge Sampaio Lousa
Urban logistics group coordinator, City of Bogota, Colombia

The International Climate Initiative (IKI): Decarbonizing the transport sector/
Vera Rodenhoff
Head of Division, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, and Nuclear Safety

Launch of the project “EcoLogistics: Low carbon urban freight for sustainable cities”