B3 Identifying collaborative pathways for eco-innovation in cities

20 Jun 2018
14:00 - 15:30

B3 Identifying collaborative pathways for eco-innovation in cities

In the face of rising environmental problems, social inequalities and competitiveness challenges within our globalized economy, cities are increasingly asked to be innovative, creative and at the fore-front of all forms of progress. The density and diversity of cities do enable a wide array of unique collaborations that foster innovation. Yet many innovations don’t actually ensure better environmental performance, increased social inclusiveness or jobs creation.

Recent years have therefore seen an increased focus on eco-innovation, a concept promising to create economic value while preserving the environment and bringing high social benefits.

Based on cities’ experience, this session will present different collaborative pathways that urban localities can follow to promote eco-innovations that not only demonstrate a sound environmental performance but also ensure beneficial results from a social point of view. It will focus more specifically on five dimensions:

  • Prioritizing eco-innovations through co-creation
  • Using open innovation platforms to bring about more urban sustainability
  • Accompanying an inclusive energy transition through public-private partnerships
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration for an inclusive transition towards the circular economy
  • How procurement can leverage eco-innovation at the city level
  • Facilitator
    Aaron Hawkins
    Councilor, Dunedin City Council, New Zealand


    Anna-Kaisa Heinämäki
    Deputy Mayor, City of Tampere, Finland

    Mark Hidson
    Global Director, ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Centre

    Julie Laernoes
    Vice president, Nantes Métropole

    Véronique Doucet
    Director, Economic Department, Ville de Montréal

    Mathieu Johnson
    Director, Renewable Natural Gas Development, Énergir, Canada