A6 Overcoming mobility challenges in the Global South

An opportunity for South-South Cooperation
20 Jun 2018
11:00 - 12:30

A6 Overcoming mobility challenges in the Global South

Countries in the Global South face particular challenges in regards to sustainable mobility in the wake of a rapidly urbanizing world. Uneven development, fast urbanization, informality, exclusion and inadequate transportation and infrastructure are part of the challenges that hinder sustainable urban development. For this session, we are looking at ways to improve sustainable urban development through improvements in the transportation and mobility sector. Improving mobility in the Global South could help tackle many challenges to sustainable development and will trigger many benefits for the economy, the environment and the society. This session will bring together local leaders from the Global South to discuss the challenges their city faces with regards to mobility, as well as allow them to showcase the efforts they have made to transition towards sustainable mobility. This will open up the dialogue with our partners to discuss how south-south cooperation can be used to advance sustainable mobility in that region.

George Xolile
Chief Executive Officer, South African Local Government Association (SALGA), Pretoria, South Africa


Quelimane’s effort on shared mobility 
Manuel de Araujo
Mayor, Quelimane, Mozambique

The case of Medellin 
Sergio Orozco
Secretary of Environment, Medellín, Colombia

The case of Tshwane 
Sello Mphaga
Director, Divisional Head of City Sustainability, City of Tshwane, South Africa

Mobility in Latin American Cities 
Alain Grimard 
Senior Officer, UN-Habitat, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Bayanihan sa Daan (Share the Road): Sustainable Transport Program.
Karen May Crisostomo 
Non-Motorized Transport Specialist, Pasig City, Philippines