Thematic overview

Today our cities are experiencing unprecedented levels of automobile traffic that is polluting, inefficient, unsafe, time-consuming, inequitable, and unsustainable. Even when cars are not in use, they occupy precious urban space which could have allowed other social interactions. By 2030, it is projected that in a business-as-usual scenario; cars in developing countries are set to grow 80% by 2030. Thus, a paradigm shift is necessary to create a more sustainable urban environment and provide a high quality of life. Ecomobility gives priority to walking, cycling, public transport, shared mobility and light electric vehicles. It promotes travel through integrated, socially-inclusive, and environmentally-friendly transport options without depending on privately-owned vehicles.

ICLEI World Congress will look into the future of urban mobility in cities, drawing on the Kaohsiung Strategies for the Future of Urban Mobility. Furthermore, ecologistics as low-emission freight in cities will also be explored as this is a pivotal yet often overlooked sector in this transition.  

Photo Credit: © Gaétan Fontaine
Description: Festival Go Vélo MTL

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